As part of our campaign to support local pubs, brewers and drinkers in the current lockdown and immediate future, a group of CAMRA members met with Kevan Jones MP, the representative for North Durham. In a wide-ranging discussion, Kevan emphasised that he had opposed the 10pm curfew, recognised the central importance of pubs to communities in County Durham and recognised the severe impact that current public health measures are having on all concerned.

Kevan committed to contact both the Treasury and County Council to ask for actions that would support the industry both in the immediate term and looking out towards the next couple of years. Kevan emphasised the centrality of the County Council to supporting the sector, through a range of grants, loans and policy decisions. From CAMRA’s perspective, we were pleased to have an open and constructive discussion and we look forward to seeing the fruits of Kevan’s labours, and anticipate an ongoing dialogue that will keep the issues related to pubs, brewing and the social utility of pubs in the minds of our local representatives.