Starting at Beamish Mary in the afternoon which opens at 12pm/midday.

For most we expect Go Ahead bus number 8 from Chester-le-Street to Stanley which run half-hourly and stops right outside the Beamish Mary.

Some early proposals are the 13:17hrs from Chester-le-Street (from Durham, North Road, we'd recommend the 1231 Go Ahead "Angel" service 21 to Chester-le-Street) which arrives 13:36hrs at Beamish Mary. The pub always has four handpulls; currently Rivet Catcher and Styrian Blonde (same brewery), Red Dust and Hobgoblin.

For those who don't know the Beamish Mary we'd describe it as an old-fashioned proper pub-with character.

The plan is to retrace our steps on the same Go Ahead bus number 8 back towards Chester-le-Street. You will have passed these next two pubs on the way out to the Beamish Mary

The Shepherd & Shepherdess is just 4 mins away. It has two handpulls; currently Wainwright and Timothy Taylor Golden Best.

After the Shepherd & Shepherdess, still on the 8 bus, almost back to Chester-le-Street we'll pass the Plough Inn at High Flatts
Again, the bus stops outside the pub.

Beamish Mary