The Cider of the Festival award was reintroduced at the 31st Durham Beer Festival in 2011. The winner and runner up were chosen by a ballot open to all attendees. The recent winners are:
Year Winner Runner-up Third
2016 Rhubarb (Pulp) Maverick Ginger & Chilli (Orchard Pig) Dry (Biddenden's)
2015 Joint winners
Slack Alice (Celtic Marches), Grazy Goat (Lilley’s), and Navel Gazer (Orchard Pig)
2014 Davisons Cider (Davisons,Northumberland) - -
2013 Tumbledown Apple Sweet (Snails Bank) Joint: Squealpig Perry (Gwatkins) Medium Cider (Wilce’s) -
2012 Bourbon Cider (Martin Graham) Vision in Pink (Double Vision) -
2011 Fanny’s Bramble (Sandford Orchard) Impeared Vision Perry (Double Vision) -