On the 14th July the branch met with Dehenna Davison MP. We are very grateful for Dehenna for making time to meet with us. The discussion was wide ranging, including:

  • Support for pubs, clubs and brewers in the current circumstances, the new community.
  • Different rates of beer duty for ales and cider consumed on licensed premises.
  • The threat to pubs and clubs remaining open due to the pandemic and likely circumstances of trading for the foreseeable future.
  • Small Brewers Relief: support for the retention of the 5000hl limit for reduced rates of beer duty.
  • The experiences of drinkers in the pubs and clubs of the branch area in May, June and July 2021.
  • National campaign priorities for CAMRA.

Dehenna and those present had a lively discussion that resulted in a number of commitments to write to relevant ministers, and a desire for continued dialogue between the branch and Dehenna. We hope the next meeting will be in a pub!