The Branch Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting in April. If positions become vacant during the year, the Committee can appoint replacements until the next AGM. If you are interested in standing for a position, please contact the Secretary.


The current Branch Committee are:

Position Name  
Chair: Paul Dobson (email)
Vice-chair: John Collinson  
Secretary: Steven Spencer (email)
Treasurer: Neil Shaw (email)
Membership Secretary: John McAninly (email)
Pub Data Co-Ordinator: Dave Thornton (email)
GBG Submission Coordinator: Position Vacant (email)
Pub Protection Officer: Peter Lawson  
Pub Promotions and Awards Coordinator: Position Vacant  
Cider Representative: Chris Mansfield (email)
Social Secretary: Gary Halliday (email)
Website Coordinator/Social Media Coordinator: Neil Shaw (email)