The CAMRA Durham Branch's oldest brewery turns 20 this year and is celebrating with a party on Saturday 2nd August. In August 1994 Christine and Steve launched a 5 barrel plant on the Bowburn North Industrial Estate. The microbrewery revolution was just getting going and the market was ready for something new; the brewery quickly grew and planted strong roots. In the first few years they supplied the cask market and had particular success with the pale and hoppy beers which were to become so popular in the country. That was not enough for Steve though, and in 2000 the brewery launched their first bottle-conditioned beer, Millennium City, now known as St Cuthbert. The bottles have gone from strength to strength and now they now boast an extensive portfolio of styles from pale bitter to Russian Stout, and hefeweizen to saison porter. In 2005 Evensong achieved Gold at the Great British Beer Festival. Durham Brewery bottled beer can now be found in many parts of the world; a recent addition being Taiwan. On 2nd August the brewery is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an open day for much tasting and a barbecue. To make the bar area into a real pub, the office has recently been moved onto a mezzanine, leaving the whole area free for drinking and hospitality. Brewery tours and tastings have become regular events and the extra room will make the experience more convivial. Drinkers are encouraged to come and sample through the week. A special 10% abv pale beer called 1994 is conditioning at this very minute. It is based on White Stout . Steve has invented a new style - Imperial Pale Stout! More information on the open day as well as information on tours and their full range of beers can be found on their website (Adapted from an email sent by the brewery to The Durham Brewery Beer Club Newsletter)